The kitchen is perhaps the most important room in any home in Singapore. It’s where food is prepared; it’s where a family gathers in the morning for a few minutes of peace before a hectic day. It’s where you read the morning paper and drink your coffee. And chances are, your kitchen is small. If you have a small kitchen, here are several ways to maximize the space that you have to work with.


If you want to make the most of your small kitchen, the first think you should do is de-clutter! Since your space is limited, you should store things you don’t often use outside the kitchen, including silverware and larger dishes. If you have kitchen items and tools that aren’t used regularly, you can either put them in storage or get rid of them (garage sale, anyone?). Keep only items that you use daily.

After de-cluttering comes organizing; if you plan to move stuff around, follow the recommended “kitchen triangle” layout where the stove, refrigerator and sink are close to each other. Place similar items together in one area (e.g. canned goods in one section, spices in another) and keep them in easy reach for efficiency.

Use cool colors

There’s a good reason white is a common kitchen color: light hues give a room a feeling of space. However, white and its different shades are a bit difficult to clean. If you feel like using other colors, try pastel or other pale hues. Why? Darker shades make a room look smaller because it absorbs light.

But before you start painting everything in light shades, make sure you don’t just use the same tint all throughout—add subtle color contrasts to keep the room from looking sterile.

Get glass

To add another dimension to the overall look of your kitchen, install glass doors on your cabinets. See to it, however, that you arrange the contents nicely as no one wants to look at a badly organised cabinet every time they’re in the kitchen. If you want to save on costs, consider taking out some cabinet doors instead. This gives the appearance of more space.

Extend to the ceiling

If you want to make the most of your kitchen’s limited space, you can put in even more shelves up near the ceiling. Remember those items you hardly use? If you’re running out of space in the house, new top shelves can give you the additional storage you need. Just remember to keep a stepladder handy.

Open up the walls

Here’s a great idea for adding space to your small kitchen: take out the wall/s separating the kitchen from the rest of the house. You will need to hire a professional Singapore home renovation company, such as Swiss Interior, to do this for you. Swiss Interior are the leaders in home renovation and interior design, and they have several home renovation packages to fit everyone’s needs with their budget. Your kitchen won’t seem so small after this renovation. Take note though that this would cost a little more than the other projects; aside from just removing a wall, you might also have to do other small projects like painting and installing floor transitions.

Add counter space

Additional counter space will provide you even more space in your kitchen. You can have one installed, but we recommend a rolling kitchen cart instead. It’s cheaper and can be moved around. If you’re cooking, slide it beside the kitchen counter so that you can chop vegetables. Holding a party? Use it to move platters around and serve food. If you don’t need it, push it into a corner.

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