Each news item is critically analyzed from both multiple angles so that you are free to take a personal stand. The second advantage of watching TV news online is there is no intellectual hegemony or manipulation of intellect at any point in any news scoop. Also, something like the pop culture news is shown in a subjective yet interesting manner adding to both the merit and presentation of the news. The issues that are generally covered are based on politics, society, music, films, sports to something more particular like ethnicity, gender, cultural imperialism, censorship and so on, thus bringing in front of you everything significant happening in the world.

There are four ways to analyze popular culture that helps in bringing out more significant news elements for instance. The first type is textual analysis, second comes historical analysis, third is audience analysis and fourth comes the production analysis. While textual, audience and production analysis change over time, the historical analysis remains constant with its data bank of significant events. The third big advantage of news online is that it reports you any news at the fastest rate. Moreover, you can make rapid searches on news of any year without much hassle. Also, since you can access the website anywhere, anytime – that makes it all the more convenient and economic.

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