It’s a big statement, but more and more experts are making it each week; the Garmin Edge 520 has revolutionized the cycling computer. Whereas previously you could acquire cycle computers to give you readouts on time and distance, now with the Edge 520 you can engage in full-color, turn-by-turn navigation throughout the world. The ability to accurately plan routes while you’re actually out in the world opens up so many more possibilities for exploration and adventure, whilst all the while knowing that you’re in safe hands with the Garmin Edge 520.

The Edge 520 cycling computer also offers an inbuilt heart rate monitor; a product category Garmin has become synonymous with thanks to their success with the Forerunner product range. The Edge 520 model also sports an integral cadence monitor, a barometric altimeter and full wireless capability to allow you to import route information or analyze your current and past workouts instantly. House all this capability in a stylish, waterproof shell with a robust 2.2 inch full color screen and you have the revolution in cycle computing – the Garmin Edge 520.

There are various advantageous functions under data discipline categories including speed, pedalling cadence, navigations, courses, long distance, timing, temperatures, workout, in addition to heart rate. You can easily modify these characteristics on the touchscreen.

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