Most upcoming artists produce their music themselves and then sell it on iTunes, only via a digital album/song. This is because it makes the cost of producing fairly minimum and the artist can benefit off his/her hard work too.

This is different from picking up another artists work and placing it online for free. Legally the person involved could be charged for unlawful distribution of work that is not his own to begin with. This being said, you should know that free distribution of most popular songs is extremely common and there are millions of downloaders who choose to use these sites. The reason why this is so popular is because it is free and users don’t have to pay a single cent and the audio quality also has no particular glitches.

Here we will list out a few of the popular music sharing sites which you can browse through and Download lagu terbaru of your choice.

Sound Cloud

Sound cloud is a popular website for music listening and sharing.It has all the popular music, songs, instrumentals, remixes, unreleased music of all genres. This is one website from where you can download music legally. However the catch is that the popular songs from established artists are not for download and you can only listen to them. On the upside, there are dozens of equally talented new artists whose music is free for download.

You can find great song covers which might be even more appealing to you than the original track. You can easily access it from your Google or Facebook account. Once you are in, just search the lists for the song you want. A download button will appear below the track. Click on it to download it to your device.


Another popular music search engine is Mp3Skull. Using it also is fairly simple. Search the list of popular songs or type in the name of song, artist, album or genre. A list will be displayed showing the search results. You can also scroll through the right hand side column which displays the most popular , most downloaded and most played lists etc.

Unlike Sound cloud, here all the listening and downloading is always free and there is no restriction to what you can download and what you cannot. Before you start the download, the songs length and size and how much time it will take for download is given for your reference.

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