The one thing that pros do is use their entire loadout of weapons in a fight. Yes the shotgun is the quickest way to end a close-quarters fight but what if you shoot your shotgun and it does like 90 damage? And you know they only have about ten health left. I started seeing what pros do in this instance after watching ninja fight after fight pull out any gun he had to kill someone.

If your enemy has 10 help do not wait for your next shot to load in your shotgun just a deal 10 damage. Sure you can pull out a second shotgun shave a little bit of time off your next bit of damage. But don’t forget you can even pull out your AR as well. Blasting even a white burst or a white AR in close quarters combat is perfect for landing that last 10 or 20 health and bringing somebody down.

Just whatever you do, don’t wait in a fight jumping around for another shot to load. Just switch to something then switch back to your shotgun. And of course do it fast because most fights only last like 3 seconds in close quarters. All the pros do learn to quickly calculate damage, know what your opponent has left. If you land a snipe with a bolt or hunting rifle, get in there and rush them before they can even use a single mini. Also throw out those explosives that you should be carrying around.

Pros prioritize explosives. We have 5 slots to carry weapons and items within Fortnite. In my opinion that sucks because you always have to give up something that you don’t want to give. I love my bolt-action sniper but I’ve had to give that up quite a bit lately. Because it just isn’t as powerful as other items and puts me at a disadvantage. If I carry it around now the way things are right now. If you aren’t using two shotguns you’re at a disadvantage. Not carrying any shield? you’re still at disadvantage. And here is the most important thing if you aren’t carrying explosives you’re at a disadvantage.

But to get all those fancy weapons and explosives or shields you will need v bucks. V buck is the main currency in Fortnite. Majority of players are buying v bucks from Fortnite directlty, but there are other ways to get Fortnite too. You can find a lot of websites like, where you can find a lot of tips and tricks for getting a lot of  v bucks without buying.

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