You need to consider several things before you start uploading your videos on making it live for the public to see. First is the right video which can attract the audience. Other than that there are also the keywords, the brief description, and the thumbnails as well.

Have you noticed that the videos with most views on YouTube have nice vivid thumbnails? This alone can attract the viewers to watch your videos. As a result, the number of views will increase and they will even recommend it to their fellow web surfers at the same time.

What is the importance of thumbnail to the number of views that you can get from the YouTube and non- YouTube users?

Humans need something visual before they get attracted to look at something or anything. The same goes for the YouTube videos. Before they click on your video, they want to make sure that it is worth their time. If possible, try to put a thumbnail of a clear image from your video. This would tell your possible viewers that your video can be watched in HQ or High Quality. Of course they surely want something in vivid colors so they can get clear view of what they are watching. Who would want to watch a vague video anyway?

Unfortunately, if you would only rely on YouTube to pick a part of your video to be displayed as the thumbnail, it wouldn’t be the picture that you would like to emphasize. But if you are really determined to get the most views on YouTube with the help of the thumbnails you should take time to edit the thumbnail after uploading it. Although this may take a couple of hours before the thumbnail of your choice becomes visible, it is definitely worth it in the long run.

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