For an invention to qualify to receive patent protection, it must represent a brand new method to the way things are done or has to offer a new technical feature.

For an invention to be “new”, it must not previously have been published in writing, spoken about or used commercially what so ever in any way before the application of patent has been filed.

Only a patent attorney can file a complete patent application on behalf of the owner of the invention, however, a provisional patent application can be filed by the owner of the invention as described in post.

The application forms need to be completed and the invention described in the most detailed descriptive manner possible to provide the utmost clarity thereby enabling the maximum patent protection legal cover possible.

Unfortunately all patents in the US expire after twenty years from the date of filing the complete patent application, provided that the owner of the invention has made annual renewal payments.

When an inventor files an application for a patent, a provisional or complete specification needs to be submitted along with it. A provisional specification applies to inventors who are still testing their inventions or still busy developing it who then need to apply for a temporary patent protection which gives the inventor a time period of twelve months to complete the invention in full before filing a permanent complete patent application. For more information about patenting process please visit

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