Submitting press releases through traditional media sources, especially television, trade magazines and paper based news outlets, is a recognized means of promoting brand awareness.

Increasing the public awareness of the brand is an extremely effective means of boosting the available customer base. Online proliferation of press releases not only promotes the overall brand name to the public and within industry specific fields, but can also be used as a valuable tool for raising the profile of products, services and additional company brand names in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

A press release which has been correctly optimized for online submission can be very beneficial for your company in terms of both human publicity and search engine popularity. To get the most out of your press release distribution you should aim for the best press release services. You should do a research on the companies you are planning to hire. There are some really good reviews online, such as the, where you can compare the top press release services.

By proliferating online PRs, many journalists, media outlets and general readers will get to hear about your products, online activities and company website, bringing about a desired increase in interest in your services, and helping to drive new traffic to your site.

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