Prior Art and Patent Searching

Conducting a prior art or patent search before filing a patent application can provide insight into the probability of obtaining a patent, and more importantly, the possible scope of patent protection. If the prior art precludes you from patenting your innovation or obtaining the desired scope of claims, it pays to know that early, before devoting considerable time, money, and effort to patenting your innovation.

Patent Opinion Letters

In any complex technical matter, it pays to know ahead of time what obstacles one may face. Patent experts also provide comprehensive analysis related to a patent infringement, patent invalidity, freedom to operate, and patentability of an invention. Opinion letters can guard against enhanced damages that may occur if a party is accused of willfully infringing a patent. They can also help assess the risk in practicing a given technology.

Patent Drafting and Prosecution


One way to begin the patent process is by first filing a provisional patent application. A provisional application can provide a cost effective way of obtaining “patent pending” status, while also giving you flexibility as you develop and market-test your invention. Although a provisional application expires in one year, prompt filing of a provisional application establishes an important early priority date for your invention which may be relied on when you file a non-provisional application and you can read on how to do it from this post.


To secure an enforceable patent, you must file a non-provisional patent application. Because the US Patent and Trademark office evaluates non-provisional applications in detail, non-provisional applications must meet more stringent requirements. Patent counsel and experts can help maximize your chances for success.

Patent Infringement Litigation

US law provides for strong protection – and stiff consequences – for the violation of properly issued patents. The infringement of your patent can devalue the core assets of your business, threatening everything that you have worked for.

If you face an accusation of patent infringement, you must take the threat seriously. Managed carefully and thoughtfully, patent litigation defense does not need to be overwhelming. Patent lawyers will provide you with an intelligent defense strategy and plan that make sense to you, along a budget logically tailored to your needs as you can read from

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