One of the primary benefits is the fact that the search engine spiders will find lots of scattered copies of the releases and will see the mentioned products, services, site, and brand name as a hot topic.

This will keep the spiders interested in your site and services, and encourage them to repeatedly come back for a look and so give your whole site a boost in search engine ranking performance.

Another advantage is the obvious benefit gained from the increase in the number of links. This will provide an important boost to your site’s link popularity which is a vital part of the algorithms used by search engine to determine the positioning results for all indexed sites.

This benefit can affect brand name results for your site’s homepage, and enhance the results for important key terms on high conversion product and service pages through the careful use of key phrase anchor text and deep linking.

PRs need to be tailored to fit in with any PR submission site guidelines as well as being styled to appeal to journalists and other potentially interested members of the media, and attract the attention of general readers, whilst also being aimed at maximizing the effect on the all important search engine spiders. That is why it is best to hire a professional company to do a press release for you, but do a research on the company before ordering. There some really good reviews online, such as, where you can compare the best companies in the industry.

Human editors on publishing sites are a key target audience for well written and structured press releases as they are the ones who will initially decide whether or not your release should be published.

In order to be published the release must meet all the guideline criteria specified by the editors on each of the online publishing sites otherwise the release may end up being disregarded and hence not being distributed.

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