Rent to own real estate – free listings

Rent to own homes free listings often requires an upfront payment referred to as an “option fee.” Well here you can access our huge list for free.This is a percentage typically 3-10% of the agreed to purchase price. On a $150,000 house with a 5% option fee that would be $7500. It is also customary that a portion of each monthly payment the buyer makes to the seller goes toward the purchase of the home. This part going toward the purchase price is also referred to as option payment. This is normally 10-20% and is negotiated between the buyer and the seller.

In today’s market, rent to own real estate  can be great ways for someone to own a home, when they have some negative forces working against them. They may have less than perfect credit, or may not need a large down payment. While it isn’t recommended, the buyer has an easy escape and could stop paying at any time and find somewhere else to live should they not find that location suitable or their lifestyle changes. Either way, the flexibility associated with the process has made it an attractive alternative for both buyers and sellers.

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