Using a driving simulator is a brilliant way to master your driving skills. When it comes to driving, there is a lot more to learn; a lot more than just the basic knowledge of the clutch and gear movements. There are so many rules which have to be followed, and so many different traffic conditions which you will encounter. For example, a learner will have to know how to park a vehicle, how to start off a vehicle which is on a slope, how to overtake a moving vehicle, how to take a steep turn, how and when to use the rare view mirrors, etc. A driving simulator makes it easy to learn how to do all this.

The driving simulator will take the learner through all kinds of driving conditions; driving on a highway, driving in a hill, driving through a valley, driving through a tunnel, etc. To some people, the driving simulator is like just another driving game which has a real life feel to it. The only difference with the driving simulator is that it will alert the learner when he or she makes a mistake while driving. It alerts the learner on mistakes which can prove to be dangerous in real life. This will help the learner to correct himself. All the mistakes which are made while practicing with the simulator are logged.

When a mistake occurs it is logged and the learner is supposed to start again from the starting point and correct the mistake the second time around. If the learner makes the same mistake again, he or she will have to start again from the starting point and keep trying till they get it right. Once they get it right only then they will be able to continue. This helps learners to not only learn the right moves in a certain condition, it also helps them to master the right move.

The professional driving simulator software also prompts learners on how to develop the habit of turning their heads to look around while driving, when the need arises. Looking around is a vital requirement; it is important to look for oncoming traffic while starting a car from rest. Using the driving simulator to practice how to drive is a safe and care free way to master driving any vehicle. You can operate the simulator to simulate either a car or a trailer; according to your requirement. Learners can practice and master a number of crucial methods of safe driving.

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