There are certain preliminary patentability requirements regarding the nature of the invention that you can quickly assess. A prior-art-patent-search will allow you to access the probability of attaining a patent coverage.

Enables your Attorney or Patent Agency, such as InventHelp, to draft claims around the existing Intellectual Property assuring you the broadest possible Patent coverage. The expense of a quality patentability search will likely be recouped later by reduced prosecution costs.

In order to obtain a US Patent on an invention must it be new and useful. A patent search helps determine if your invention is new by searching US patents for patents that may disclose the subject matter of your invention.

Your patent search includes:

  • The invention disclosure that was used as the basis for the search.
  • Search of US patents by a US Patent & Trademark Registered Patent Agent.
  • Copies of the 3 closest prior art patents discovered in the search.

Patent Search goal is to help inventors take the first step towards realizing a dream. Most, if not all, patent attorneys would first advise you to have a patent search performed. Patent searches are done for several reasons. Patent lawyers or patent agencies, like InventHelp, can perform a patent search of your invention.

Intellectual property costs continue to rise. Along with the rising costs, recent changes in patent law have increased the complexity of patent applications and intellectual property management. Key to cutting down costs is investing in a professional patent search. A patent search is critical for all aspects of intellectual property. It is critical in determining whether an invention is patentable and also critical is avoiding potential costly litigation.

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