A spring service call to the Singapore AC Repair company of your choice might prevent the need for an emergency call when the hot weather taxes the air conditioner. During the course of summer temperature fluctuations, when the air conditioner seems to stop working, walk through some basic steps prior to calling in an air conditioning repairperson.

Check the thermostat settings to ensure the set temperature is where you would expect to find it. Maybe someone else has made an adjustment to the setting. Ensure that the cooling/heating switch is set to “cooling.” Lower the temperature and listen for the tiny “click” that indicates the thermostat told the air conditioner to run, or check for an “on” indicator on the screen.

Walk over to a vent that is relatively close to the air conditioning unit. If any cool air is coming out of the vent, the unit is most likely struggling to run. The next step is to go to the unit and search for obstruction and debris around the unit. Before you start cleaning, turn off the power to the unit to ensure your safety.

Change the filter for the unit, and check hoses to make sure there is no standing water in the area. Water standing at the base of the unit can indicate a plugged hose. Clearing the blockage is not difficult and most homeowners can perform this easy fix.

Once the filter and hoses are back in place and you have cleared the area of tools and debris, turn the power on. Check the thermostat setting again and look for the “on” indicator. Return to the vent near the unit and check to see if the airflow has improved.

If the airflow is nonexistent or remains unchanged and you feel that you have walked through the process to check the unit sufficiently, call LK Brothers Aircon, Singapore aircon repair professionals. Be prepared to answer some questions about your assessment. Hot weather means broken air conditioners, so be prepared to call more than one repair service and possibly wait for the repair to be completed.

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