If you own a home or business in Singapore then at some point in your life you will be dealing with plumbing issues. It might not be something major, perhaps just a faucet that’s worn out. But, keep in mind that plumbing might seem easy but it is not, so it is suggested and it is best to leave the plumbing job to professional like the services offered by SGHomeNeeds plumbing in Singapore.

For some people, like me and you, it is always tempting to install that new sink or fix that leak ourselves. We think it is easy, saves a lot of money, and does not take long. You might think you are right on all counts. But, you are dead wrong. Why?

Here are some things to keep in mind why DIY plumbing is not advisable:

  • Flooding is the worst thing that can happen to your property. Water does enormous damage to everything from flooring to light fixtures.
  • Water and electricity make a very bad combination. In fact, they make a lethal combination. Water is a conductor. If you are touching water that is touching electricity, you become the path for the electricity. If you are not aware of what you are doing, you can kill yourself. Even worse, you may kill someone else.
  • Water under pressure becomes a geyser. A geyser can blow the roof off a house. Incorrectly installed plumbing can literally blow your roof off. You need only look at Old Faithful to understand the power of water under pressure.

  • Plumbing can require dealing with toxic waste material. Installing plumbing incorrectly, such as connecting the outlet to the inlet can cause toxic waste materials and even gasses to get into your drinking water. This is not only extremely unpleasant, it is dangerous. It will not only make you sick, it will make your family sick and in some circumstances, if you share pipe work with others such as in an apartment complex, you run the risk of making your neighbours sick too. The least of your problems will be the lawsuits involved!
  • Thawing out frozen pipes incorrectly, such as by using a naked flame, can be dangerous. It can lead to a split pipe. Also, when you thaw a pipe, you unblock the pressure that has been building up in the pipe. Refer to number three on this list for the potential problems caused by the build-up of pressure in your pipe work.
  • Using the wrong products comes with its share of pitfalls and risks. Installing your own plastic piping instead of having a professional install high quality copper pipes may seem like a good idea but there are a variety of considerations when it comes to cutting costs. Some plastics are permeable and will allow contaminants to leak through the pipe work.
  • The wrong materials may work in the short term but can create more problems in the future. Cheap products available on the market may look like a cost-effective solution but professional plumbers understand the long-term cost-effectiveness of quality products and know the lifespan of the materials they use.
  • Joints must be able to withstand rapid temperature and pressure changes. Badly soldered joints may hold in the short-term but they must be strong enough to cope with sudden changes in weather.
  • Some cheap materials give off toxic fumes or smoke in a fire. Even in a small fire, toxic fumes can be deadly.
    Incompetent plumbing can affect the resale value of your home.

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